Boatsee, the best solution for your charter company

All-in-One Platform  for Your Charter Biz

Simple and easy software to manage your boat rental and charter company, from one platform.

Boatsee, everything you need to manage your boat business.

One platform, all you need

Manage your clients, boats, bookings, experiences and everything from one place.

Easy booking manager

Simple and easy way to manage all your bookings from one place. Reschedule bookings with a few clicks and save time.

Customize departure times

Fully customize departure times for each boat or activities and set a release time (time before a booking can be made) to have full control.

One click refunds

Total or partial refunds made with a click of a button, making it a hassle-free process for you and your clients if cancelation is needed.

Automate your invoices

Send invoices to boat owners and give access to your accountant to keep track of your invoices and expenses so you don't have to.

Top-level CRM

Customer relationship management system for more sales, better service and more information at a glance —  so you keep your customers happy.

Instant-sync calendars

Give access to skippers, users, or other boat owners you choose to view the information you want so you have a well-organised team.

Contracts create themselves

Boatsee uses stored information inputted by the customer to fill in fields and get sent, automating your rental contracts from A to Z.

Create promo codes

Whether you're working with hotels, influencers, or any type of promotions, you can create temporary promo codes on the fly.

Premium Website

Premium Instant Booking Website

We build fully responsive websites with the fastest loading speed and highest conversion rate possible, driven by data analytics, heat maps and real results, making sure sales are fully optimised and maximised.

Instant booking engine, make it easy for customers to pay online.

CRM integration, keep track of all customers and bookings.

Fully SEO optimised, dramatically improve your search ranking.

Full Control

Boat Management Software

Once the client has booked, we are ready. Manage your bookings with the 'all-in-one' boat rental and charter business management software. A complete toolkit so you can stay on top of everything on a single platform.

Purpose-built boat, charter and experiences management software.

Fast, easy and simple to change times and dates of bookings.

Refunds made hassle-free with a click of a button.

Connected Team

Synchronize Calendars

A well-organised team, regardless of what marina or port each team member is at. Instantly sync all your bookings with Google Calendar and give access to team members so they know upcoming bookings for the boats they manage.

Avoid double-booking across channels and save administration time.

Your team will be able to view booking details you choose to show.

Keep track of working hours and automate commissions calculations.

User Experience

Your Customers, Your Business

From the minute your customer lands on your website, to the moment they hop onboard, with Boatsee, the solution in the cloud that has everything you need to manage your business – anytime, anywhere, the best user experience is guaranteed.

Users can instantly book online with easy payment processing.

Users get an email confirmation with the exact boat location.

Users instantly get rental contract to sign on their mobile.

Users get the best online experience possible to match your service.

Users get a reminder to write a review of the best boat trip ever!

Boatsee, Your Premium Website
and Booking Managment

Everything you need to run your boat and charter business
from one place, anytime, anywhere.

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Automated boat rental contracts

As soon as a customer books a boat on our website or we create a booking for them, Boatsee automatically sends the customer the rental or charter contract with all details pre-filled so you don't have to worry about anything.

Contract is pre-filled with the customers and booking details.

They are automatically send to the customer instantly.

The customer signs the contract as easy as it gets.

40 hours/week

saved running your boat rental business with Boatsee