FAQs about Baotsee

Is it possible from customers to book online?

Yes, we can set up a payment process for your website in order for customers to book and pay 100% online, or if you prefer they can pay in cash once they arrive at the port.

Can I set bookings to a certain number of hours per boat?

Yes, you can set number of hours, prices per hour, release time (the amount of time a customer can book a boat before departure time) and set a mínimum of hours a boat can be booked.

Can my employees have the events on the calendar shared?

Yes, we can integrate and sync all calendars for each boat or experience to any team member you wish to share.

You can also choose what information each team member can see on the calendar event.

We integrate with Google Calendar as its the most user friendly and most used calendar out there.

Can customers have contracts sent to them to sign online?

Yes, as soon as they book and pay, they get an email confirmation sent to their inbox with a link of the exact location you want them to depart from and a link to sign the rental contract with their information pre-filled by themselves.

This feature is included in the software price, as all other features.

Can I have experiences or activities such as boat trips with sunsets?

Yes, you can create experiences or activities just like creating a boat, with different features, prices, hours and more.

Is it possible to just integrate the booking engine on my website?

Yes, however we highly recommend using our high-converting, highest-speed loading websites carefully built to optimize and maximize bookings with a few clicks.

The fewer the clicks, the higher the conversion.

Can I add WhatsApp to my website?

Yes, we can integrate any form of chat you wish to your website.